Why Can’t I Just Be Nice and Play Nice Stuff?


So my friend Nancy asked me to fill in on her radio show last night because they were going out of town, and I thought I’d play Christmas music, like some straight up nice Christmas music…I do have SOME nice regular music. But oh no, I’ve gotta be a naughty devil and a scoundrel. So it was Judy Garland singing with Mel Torme immediately followed by Killdozer…I just couldn’t help myself.


I am completely selfish when it comes to doing radio – after over 28 years of doing it I have come to this conclusion – if I am not entertaining myself, it’s simply not worth doing. It’s all been on a volunteer basis, anyway, so I might as well be having fun, right???

So here’s a link to it – enjoy. http://kfai.org/node/40700

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