Time to reflect upon (my personal) 2013, and hopes and dreams for 2014 (Well it’s another year for me and you, another year with nothin to do….)

’13 will go down as the year I returned to school – yowsa! That was quite challenging, and my brains felt like mushy scrambled eggs for most of the time! But I’m glad I did it, and gladder still that it was only a 9-month program…. Now, about that new career.

But back up a little. I was laid off from a law farm towards the end of 2012, collecting unemployment, and was trying to figure out what my next steps were going to be, career-wise. During one of the sessions at the workforce center it was determined that I was indeed a displaced worker, and I qualified for a free training program at the Takoda Institute – yes, free! One of the programs was to be a public relations specialist – probably something that I was born to do – so I went for it. Ooops, problem though – I had to pass a math test to get in. I didn’t flunk it the first time, but didn’t score high enough, so I went into intense “I’ve got to learn Math” mode, and scored high enough on the second try. Do not ask me to do that again.

School went pretty well for the most part – the writing classes were what I was fearing the most. It turned out that writing was the subject that I wound up loving. I am hoping that, assuming I get into a p.r. position, I can do a lot of writing and get better at the craft. I’m certain I’ll be doing a lot of embarrassing fumbling around when I first start. No, Patti, do not think that way, what is the matter with you???? Stop that negative thinking, sheesh.

Classes ended at the end of November and I don’t have a certificate yet – they do everything on their own time schedule at Takoda.

I meet with a job counselor back at the workforce center on January 6 and I’ll be in full-on job search mode thereafter. I’ve been sending out résumés for the last two weeks and have been getting rejection letters. It’s just not a good idea to be searching around the holidays I guess. That, or my résumé really sucks. Again with the negative talk…cut it out. Positive, happy thoughts, unicorns barfing up rainbows and stuff.  Image

So the plan is to be gainfully employed by February. If need be I’ll do temp work as a legal administrative assistant again…but only if I absolutely need to. It is my full intention to stay away from the legal field.

Another thing that happened this year is that I was appointed a seat on KFAI’s board of directors. As a junior member, I don’t really think I’ve accomplished anything yet. Now that I’m out of school, maybe I can be more effective. We have a board “retreat” coming up in a couple of weeks that should be interesting. We’ll be talking about the station’s mission and the direction it’s taking; important things, hopefully meaningful.

I want to get back into my garden and enjoy spring and summer this year! School took my total focus this past growing season, and I did not do any gardening whatsoever. I missed it, I truly did. I also didn’t ride my bike or go swimming or have much of a summer, and it’s my intention to enjoy the seasons a little more – or AT ALL….

Three cheers to the New Year, and don’t stop dancing.

time to reflect….


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