Yes, I know we Minnesotans are supposed to be a hearty bunch, known for embracing the winter months with zest and vigor. OK, I’M NOT DOING IT THIS YEAR, GOT ME? It is the winter of my dis….oh, you get the picture.

No, I Won’t Come Out!

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    • Right now it’s -2 farenheit (that’s -20 celsius, I believe) – that’s the temp, not the windchill. And I’d still prefer that to what you guys are experiencing. I just can’t take heat. Let’s hear it for more moderate temps soon!!! I think spring’s gonna feel really sweet this year.

      • Few more months and then into the dry season and I will be begging for some warmth again! lol

        We only have 2 seasons here – wet and dry.

      • Honestly, I reckon all the seasons have their beautiful qualities. Australia is a beautiful country almost all of the time… Though if visiting the southern parts, Summer and Autumn are lovely!

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