My Radio Nightmare


I’m at the console and I open up the mic. I open up my mouth and nothing comes out. The red and orange lights start blurring around and I start getting sort of dizzy. I have nothing cued up – no promo carts, no vinyl or cds. I stare at the console and the microphone, and imagine all the listeners at home and in their cars wondering “what in the hell’s wrong with her?” I feel as though they can hear me breathing; they can hear me thinking and can feel my embarrassment.

Same damn dream every time. Oh wait, it’s actually happened….


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    • I think the night when this happened I just fumbled around for a cassette (yes, it was a long time ago) – listeners could hear my chair creaking and rolling and the sound of the cassette opening and me putting it in the player. Classic community radio. Then when I was back-announcing the set, I said, “and then you heard ‘Dead Air’ by the Brain Deads” – I learned that recovery from another dj. But I still have the dream!

  2. Oh dear! lol. We all have those moments – well those of us that have ever done any public speaking or media broadcasts, you betcha – just those days when NOTHING comes out like it is supposed to!

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