Here’s what maybe went wrong. Arrived early to my appointment at a great human services nonprofit located 3 blocks from my house, in a newly refurbished building. I was in full-on, nervous chit-chat mode with the receptionist, a waifish white woman in her twenties.

Me: “Oh, this building is great, they really did a nice job on it.”

Waif: “Yeah. It’s great.”

Me (speaking strictly architecturally): “It really changes the complexion of this intersection.”

Waif: “Well, I really value the diversity of this neighborhood,she said, tersely.

Me: “Oh. Yes. I. Live. Here. This. Is. My Neighborhood.” Thought bubble…”Oh no, you thought I was saying something else here…OH NO!!!”

Will I ever learn to keep my mouth shut?

No, I didn’t get the job.



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