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My employment and career counselors, Egor and Iggy, whose sound advice and encouragement help keep my spirits up during this rough and tumble job-hunt. They really do enable me to put things into perspective sometimes.

I will attend a job fair tomorrow. Washing and ironing a nice white blouse to wear with my new suit – yeah – new suit!!! Ok, well, I got it at Savers…it’s new to me, anyway. I will try and remember to brush my teeth before I put my suit on – god, that was dumb the last time when I dribbled toothpaste onto my lapel.

Also, will wear non-dangling earrings – made that mistake last time as well. Do NOT look like you’ve got any personality – I think that’s the message here.


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    • It was such a joke. A local business school trying to cull students and then several outfits trying to recruit entry-level, commissions-only sales reps. I didn’t stay very long. BUT, I was on the elevator on my way out, and started with a woman who does hiring for a nonprofit who works with people with autism, and we wound up talking for a half hour. She said they might be hiring someone with my skill set in the future, so I gave her my resume. So if that was the only reason for me to go to that thing, it was worth it! Weird how these things happen.

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