I Have Been Hoodwinked


I was listening to the latest episode of KFAI’s webshow Jazzed Up and Bonkers on the archives, being quite entertained, when all of a sudden Travis and Dan, or Dan and Travis, both mentioned that Bob Seeger had died. “Oh no! That’s too bad,” I thought, I mean, I hated what he had become, but he was from Detroit after all and quite beloved, and his early work was pretty great. “Aw, that kind of sucks.” After they announced that, they went right to music.

I went to see if there was news about BOB Seegers’ passing, and, of course, nothing. I still didn’t catch on – duhhhhhh – and then they came back on and joked that, of course, they meant PETE Seeger had passed. Aw, what a nincompoop I am, what an ultra maroon.

Dan & Travis are scoundrels and scalawags. I wish I was a prankster, I’d get them back somehow. If only there was a way…a way…a way….

Jazzed Up & Bonkers


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