Feel free to steal names, Pfizer.


Video picked in honor of the Sonics show coming to town (First Avenue, Saturday, March 1)!

DysthymiaBree and I have had a little psych-med-naming party, A-Z, and this is what we came up with:

Anxietram, Buyatril, Conniptozil, Dozeoff, Eezigozit, Flippoutnot, Getagriptan, Havasmyl, Irritiquel, Justachil, Keepusane, Levelhed, Lietodoc (that was an extra L one), Motivatram, Negatarex, Obssesanal, Ozlandetol (that’s an extra one for if you are from Australia), Paniknot, Quietiapine, Restoradril, Sideffectoral. Trancealot, Unsurestyl, Vitalamax, Weepsorsize, Xtremecontrolomine, Yuroktome, Zonkulon

So I want a job naming drugs, and also naming paint colors, like dog barf mellow, and baby poo load.

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