Happy Anniversary!



Happy 22 years of marriage (most of them blissful) to my Machinist Man – weren’t we cute? This pic was taken at his brother’s wedding – we’d been hitched for a few years already – but we still looked fresh I guess. I think I look really domineering in this photo – I’m not, really! We have a pretty good balance in our dealio – he cooks, I clean – we bounce off of each other, mood-wise. We’ve been through hell together – some really great tragedies. And also some great joys, as well. Mostly what we’ve been…is there for each other – always.


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  1. It’s a beautiful photo, and it sounds like you’ve got a very healthy relationship! I smiled at your dealio, with him cooking and you cleaning. We do something similar: I do all the dishes, and he does all the floors (I hate vacuuming and mopping) … though it seems the floors have been a little neglected lately! Fair enough. I’m also not working right now, having been unwell, so I’m doing all the cooking, too. I never thought I’d say this, but it’s kinda nice, putting food on the table when the dearly beloved comes home tired from work. (Please don’t evict me from the sisterhood!!!)

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