Garmarna (Dogs That Guard The Gates Of Hell)


Still one of the most amazing groups I’ve ever heard or witnessed, I had the distinct pleasure of booking Sweden’s Garmarna’s first U.S. tour when I was working for their American record label, Omnium Records, owned by my good friend, Drew Miller. Insanely talented and very, very nice people, they stayed with us when they played at The Cedar Cultural Centre here in Minneapolis. Well, those in the group who wanted to get rest stayed at our house; those who wanted to drink some beers stayed with Drew.

Emma, their lead singer, was about 19 at the time, and was super shy and sweet. But, as you can see from the video, oh, that VOICE – not exactly shy. She began singing very early – when she grew up “in the forest with her mother.” In Sweden they do a sort of cattle call called “kulning,” and that gave her the training which took her to a sort of mystical place on the stage.

It was so lovely to hang out with “the Garms” for a couple of days and get to know them and their tour manager. They did a couple more U.S. tours after that initial tour; touring the U.S. has become very difficult in recent years, Homeland Security and all that…so they haven’t been back recently. I believe that all of the members of the group are working on other music projects at the present time; I hope very much that they’ll reunite and come back to the states. I will always have a floor for them to crash on!


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