School Some More


I start another Takoda course tomorrow – Advanced Social Media on Saturday mornings. I know, I know, I just got out of school, but I want to learn more. I’m now the student I should have been when I was 13 through 17. It’s Dorkfest City at my house – I do homework immediately, I study like a banshee (if banshees study, that is – oh, maybe they don’t – but you catch my drift), I put my name on all assignments in the upper left-hand corner with the date and class name. I’m a regular Poindexter.

What I’m excited about is that I’ve had the instructor for this class, Elise, for three other classes in the program I just finished, and I just love her. Very inspirational and encouraging, but very realistic and knowledgeable. I think I’ll get a lot out of this class, because in Social Media 101 there just wasn’t enough time to go over everything. Plus we had a guy in class who didn’t believe in Social Media and used to have 7-9 minute debates with the instructor, sucking time away from the class. Well, he was just nuts anyways….

But here’s the big thing – this class is FREE! And you can’t beat that!

So all I’ll need is my laptop tomorrow, but why do I still feel like I need to get some Ticonderoga No. 2’s sharpened, and a new lunch box?


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