Space Is The Place, Indeed


sun raWent to a killer show at First Avenue tonight – Tacoma, Washington’s The Sonics – so wonderful – yes, rock and roll can sanctify and save my soul.

But you know, when it’s almost 3:00 a.m., and I’m feeling contemplative, sometimes my thoughts turn towards the Sun… Sun Ra. There’s never been anyone like this cat – ever. This documentary is mind-blowing, truly. At certain points in the film, you totally start believing that he is not really from this Earth. He’s quite convincing.

He was sort of dictator-like in the discipline he imparted upon the musicians he worked with – they were “his” musicians – much more like family. Sort of cultish, really. But it seems like he needed to be that way in order for his vision to come to fruition.

He took jazz to a level not ever duplicated by another living soul. Dig it.


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  1. While he took jazz to another level, he was always grounded in its history, mixing up big band arrangements with his “out there” stuff, and the ceremony of a “revue”. He was also beatific, both on stage, and during the one time I met him when he signed LPs after a gig at the old Guthrie.

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