Separated At Birth – Except Born Different Years


So I’m getting geared up to work at the Black Oak Arkansas show at the Amsterdam Hall tomorrow night in St. Paul, doing some KFAI representation and such. Getting ready how, you ask? Why, talking in my Jim Dandy voice, of course! Talking out loud to myself, as I am wont to do; well, not really myself, cuz the doggies are there and I’m sure are as enthralled by the sound of my voice as I am. But what I was noticing as I was doing my King of the Southern Rock Genre imitation, was that, well, maybe it’s cuz I’m originally from New Jersey, but everything that came out of my mouth sounded like Mark E. Smith from The Fall. And then I realized, No! Hang On A Minute! Is Mark E. Smith the Jim Dandy of England? Hey, it’s something to ponder, no?

Anyway, that’d be a real interesting bill – here they are, together at last!


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