Onaway to Onaway


The 3 Water Nymphs of Onaway

Talk about a Throwback Thursday! My dear friend Sue Zuke O’Shaughnessy (Suzuki) just sent me this pic of her (middle), Robin Duke (left) and me (right) – we are posing pretty in a stream during a camping trip to Onaway, Michigan. I remember the moment and the weekend (well, most of it.) I think I was about sixteen there. I know, rawowwww, right? We were such little shits. We all used to lie to our parents as to where we were heading for the weekend – I think we used to use Marcie Byrnes’ mom for a lot of our stories – I believe the story was that Ma Byrnes had a cabin somewhere up north (she didn’t.) But it seemed plausible to our trusting parents. And Ma Byrnes would cover our asses if anyone ever called her about it.

I think Jenny took this picture and was the driver this weekend – we had her Dad’s Ford Lincoln Brougham – we were pimpin, man! But Jenny drove that thing like it was an all terrain vehicle. I don’t think she ever wrecked anything, but there’d be grass, hay and twigs stuck to the bottom when we’d return – I can’t imagine what her Dad thought. My Dad would’ve killed me.

We had quite a few weekends like this one, but the weather was really great for Onaway, the partying was lively with our little biker crew from the big A-P (Allen Park), no one got hurt (safety was always on our minds), and enough beer was consumed. How do you spell success?


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