So we’ve arrived at the spring p’drive once again – umm, does that mean winter’s actually over? Alrighty, then. Bring it on!!! http://kfai.org/events/station-events/kfai-spring-2014-pledge-drive

Anyone who talks to me for more than an hour or so gets to hear about KFAI. I’m sort of obnoxious that way. KFAI’s a part of me, and I know I’m not the only one. Ask most of the 500 volunteers and 5 paid staff how they feel about the station, and I’m certain you’ll hear a similar loving tune.

Lots of stuff happening! We’re one of the 18 nonprofit winners of THE NERDERY Challenge – we get to have a talented nerd team work on developing our website for a consecutive 24 hours. That along with funding KFAI will be receiving from the State of MN will bring our website up to snuff and help us to better meet the needs of our community.

I have been proud to be a member of the Freshen Up Fresh Air (FUFA) Committee – we’ve done some painting in the Kitchen/Galley, Front Lobby, Greenroom and both bathrooms, purchased some new furniture (may it arrive before pledge drive, please….) Additionally, Chris Elpers, a member of KFAI’s Community Advisory Board and owner of Chris Elpers Carpentry, has redone the kitchen cabinets, replaced the kitchen countertop, and installed flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m probably missing something here. It was a ton of work!!! So happy the project is almost complete as of this writing.

Loads of other happenings that I’m also skipping, but I’d like to get this posted at some point… Please frequent our frequencies 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul, and go to our website www.kfai.org.

Lots of energy going into the training for pledge drive and we really hope to kick ass this spring drive.

Nuff sed.


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