The ask

Standard So I’ll be at the helm for Voice Cried Softly tonight, trying to keep us crazy midnighters on course to do non-cryptic and quasi-intelligent pledge rapping, as we are in the second day of Pledge Drive. Sometimes when I p’rap with Eric, the regular show host, I’ve gotta sort of peel him off the ceiling, as he gets off track a little bit when he starts talking about Jackie Chan movies, and not reasons why you should call 612-375-9030 to join KFAI. Eric won’t be there tonight, so I won’t need the spatula and forceps.

Can you feel the love at this silly radio station?



Such tomfoolery on these occasions

I’ll have some semi-normal folks rappin with me tonight…oh, wait, Machinist Man wants to come down and help out tonight…hardly normal (and I mean that in the most loving way, dear) but we’ll get the job done. We’ve got the Nighthawk swooping in with sage advice and maybe some punk banjo riffs. So tune in at the witching hour, Midnight tonight, we put the dumb in fundraising.

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