I Had Too Much To Dream Last Night.


So it’s another radio nightmare…sort of. I was trying to deejay a show with one of my old radio cohorts, my friend Abbi who calls me “Punk Rock Mom.” Apparently I had been away from doing radio for some time and I didn’t know that they had changed everything in the studio. The music was being programmed in the same manner as the HAL 9000 computer in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Anyway, when we started playing music, all it was was ducks quacking. Abbi assured me that was what everyone wanted to hear. I attributed this to the fact that there was a mallard couple sitting in our little man-made backyard pond yesterday – just sitting there like they were ready to start a nest. I should’ve taken a photo. Not sure if Mr. and Mrs. M knew that there are two dogs on the premises weighing 76 and 96 pounds. But apparently the music “that the kids like” will be ducks quacking. You heard it here first!

Then I insisted that we play some Jayne/Wayne County, but we couldn’t find anything amidst the HAL system. Jayne must have been on my mind because of the big to-do regarding Facebook taking down her “vulgar” post http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/04/17/jayne-county-transgender_n_5169324.html – it really chapped my ass to the point of entering my dream.

And then it ended, as all of my radio dreams/nightmares do – in dead air space, with the mic open and not having anything cued up and not being able to speak.


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  1. Ick, nightmares are the worst. It’s funny, all of my totally out there dreams are really cool and hardly ever scary (we’re talking quidditch in the back yard and time travelling mermaids) and even when I’m running away I’m not freaked out when I wake up. My worst nightmares are usually really mundane everyday things, and I’ll wake up crying and shaking because I’ve failed to buy the right earrings for a dinner party and everyone is angry with me.

    • I sometimes think of dreams as the dumping ground of stuff our minds can’t handle. I quite often have dreams of people I know in completely wrong settings and periods of time. I’m glad I can dream though…I think it’s good to be able to remember them!

  2. All dressed up and no whee to go. For me the nightmares are when everything is perfect…and even in my dream state I will sweat bullets waiting for every thing to fall apart, even the dream characters have that “wait for it” leer.
    Loved the post.

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