I am here to tell you…


…that Bob Seger was cool at one point in time, coolness being relative, of course. I saw him before he “broke out” with “Night Moves,” at the Lincoln Park Theater (here’s a link to a Detroit Free Press interview about “those days”) http://www.freep.com/article/20070312/ENT04/103120103/A-definitive-oral-history-Seger-s-early-years – and by a lot of accounts, including John Sinclair, Bob was a pretty nice guy. So his pop music got pretty cheesy with his commercial success, and I’m sure a lot of people resented that, but whaddya gonna do? Um, he didn’t turn into Ted, did he?

So my (now) hubby and I were interfiling our record collection many moons ago (that’s how I knew we’d be married some day.) He gave me so much grief when he came across my Bob Seger Sound System “Mongrel” album – at the time I was trying hard to be a cool dj or something. I felt awfully embarrassed about owning that lp, and actually sold it to our roommate from Detroit. I was such Bob_Seger_-_Mongrela fool to succumb to such hipster bullying and pressure – I have made his life miserable for over twenty one years now, so there’s that. And now I need to replace that album, cuz I want it back!





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