Happy Birthday Wayne Kramer.


I’ve had two job interviews this week, and at the end of each of them, they asked me about music. I LOVED THAT! One question was what album would you take to a deserted island (that would be Funhouse by The Stooges) – they liked my answer. And at today’s interview, the question was what type of music do you like, and I went into my, “Well, MC5 and The Stooges and stuff from early 70’s Detroit,” and she knew what I was talking about, and said, “Oh, cool!” I LOVED THAT, TOO! I will like working at either of these places – I mean for other reasons, of course, but asking these questions at the end just put the cherry on the sundae for me.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Brother Wayne Kramer, your existence on this planet changed things in strange and inexplicable ways. I can’t imagine how it would’ve gone down without you…I mean we would’ve had Sonic, of course, but – I don’t know – the MC5 might not have gotten started. Who knows? And that would’ve been BAD.

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