Thunderboldt Pagoda


So here’s a show I am missing this evening – they’re probably playing as I write this. I WILL catch a set of theirs soon. At some point. TP are:

Erik Wivinus – Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Vocals, Electric Sitar – Erik’s been in groups Gentle Tasaday, Salamander, and Skye Klad (and possibly other bands I’m missing.) He’s one of the owners of super cool antique store findfurnish.
Ralph Karsten – Mellotron, Analogue Synthesizers – Ralph owns Atma-Sphere Music Systems, a business which builds high-end, one-of-a-kind tube amps.  Ralph is better known as for his solo pursuit; Salubrious Invertebrae: experimental synth to the nth degree.
Matt Entsminger – Drums – Matt is an old buddy of mine and I love that he’s playing with TP. He’s an amazing drummer and held down the beats for Janitor Joe and Gnomes Of Zurich.
Gerard-Jean Boissy – Bass – I’ve gotten to know Gerard very well over this past year – we sat next to each other in school for nine months and Facebook texted sarcastic barbs back and forth during classes about some of our ridiculous classmates. Gerard is best known for his guitar-playing role in the legendary – oh, what’s that band’s name again? Oh, yeah, Rifle Sport! He is of the finest French Canadian pedigree and has the best girlfriend in the world.

tboldtpagodaT’Pagoda’s new record is available here: – check it out if you love space rock. I do.

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