Sit Down!


I can’t remember what year this was — maybe 73 or 74 — Sly and the Family Stone were doing two nights at the Royal Oak Theater. My friends and I had tickets for the Saturday night performance. Well, Sly, um, had some problems or something on Friday night, and didn’t make it to that night’s show. Being it was the mid-70’s I guess it wasn’t a problem to let all the Friday night ticket-holders into the Saturday night show (both shows were sold out, of course.) So it was completely, fire-hazardly, packed in the theater, and when they were doing “Stand,” people were all standing up on the seats, some standing two to one chair. Sly singing “STAND!”, and the security guards screaming at everyone, “SIT DOWN!!!” One of the greatest shows, ever.

P.S. You try dancing on an upholstered chair with 5 inch platform shoes and live to tell the tale.

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