Won’t be weeping long.


I just realized I haven’t posted in a little while. I’m still feeling after-effects of the Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds show on Saturday. They did all the Big Hits, including this one. Powerful. Menacing. I needed this night out after weeks of work overload. My marbles are all scattered right now.

Oh the opening act, Barfight, no, Bananagirls? No. Shit, now I gotta look it up. Oh, Warpaint. Sorry, they were terrible. Really terrible. That’s my review. This is why I’m a dj and not a music writer.

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds delivered – truly great show. Probably better than the last time I saw them (also at the State Theatre.) But what a weird crowd – were they all mostly Current people? I realize I’m old, from a lost, forgotten generation (I believe it’s the Blank Generation, and I can take it or leave it each time). But it’s Nick Cave’s generation at least. These little pecker heads with their little straw hats, polo shirts and cargo shorts sorta make me wanna puke. “I’m really torn because I bought these Nick Cave tickets long before I realized I’d be missing Rock the Garden…I’m really bummed,” this little shit sitting next to me was saying. Makes me want to react in a violent manner. What’s happening? What in the fuck is happening?

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  1. Nick Cave is a favourite in our household!!! So pleased you enjoyed the main show so much. I’ll tell the dearly beloved and he’ll be jealous. Haven’t seen NC&tBS for some time. Love love love love LOVE!

  2. Guess whose husband scored well this birthday – tickets to the Nick Cave concert here in Melbourne in December! Have just finished reading out the set list from the concert you went to; we’re already excited (and the concert’s not until Dec 17!)

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