First World Problem


I downloaded something or other this week and a very, very nasty bit of malware attacked my ‘puter. “Patti, what exactly did you do?” Machinist Man demanded. “I don’t know,” in my weak little 8-year-old Patti-Ann voice. “Can’t you fix it?” He worked on it for hours. It beat him. He asked me if I had stuff backed up. Amazingly, I did. So, total wipe-out of everything. I’m having to set everything up again. What a bleeping pain in the ass.

“How awful!” said Fartun, the founder of the organization I’m working with. We help Somali refugees. I had to stop and just say, “Oh shit, first world problem, really, isn’t it?” She cracked up.

Anyhow, here’s a song dedicated to my poor laptop.

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