Sun City Girls Spun

Sun City Girls Spun

I DJ’d at Harriet Brewing in Mpls tonight and played nothing but the Sun City Girls. I provided the below info about them and thought I’d share here, so, here:

KFAI’s VINYL VOICES, September 30, 2014


Sir Richard Bishop, Charlie Gocher, Alan Bishop

Sir Richard Bishop, Charlie Gocher, Alan Bishop

I will delight in playing the legendary Sun City Girls for you tonight. For the uninitiated, it’s often hard to find the words to describe them; I’m not a music writer, per se, just a dj and lifelong fan of SCG, and have had the honor and privilege of getting to know them.

Since I am much better at presenting the music rather than blabbing about them, I thought I’d share this article by the fabulous Mike McGonigal of Yeti Magazine from back in 2002: – check it out sometime….

Since that time, SCG’s drummer (well, he was really so much more than that), Charlie Gocher, passed away from cancer in February of 2007, and the Girls are no more. The Bishop Brothers embarked upon a memorial tour to celebrate the music of the Sun City Girls in May 2008, called “The Brothers Unconnected: A Tribute to the Sun City Girls and Charles Gocher.”

Alan and Richard Bishop continue to create at a mind-blowing pace on their solo musical paths as Alvarius B and Sir Richard Bishop, respectively, singularly and collaboratively with other trouble-making cohorts.

I’ve tried to stay on top of collecting their vinyl over the years; it hasn’t been easy, as they’re so prolific! But I’ll try and play the Sun City Girls’ greatest hits, and I hope that you, too, will become a rabid fan.

-Patti Walsh, KFAI

Here is their discography (includes cassette-only releases)

Midnight Cowboys from Ipanema CS (Breakfast Without Meat) 1986, LP/CD reissue (Amarillo Records) 1994
God is My Solar System 1982 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Superpower 1982-83 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Hatchet Rain 1983 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Bleach Has Feelings, Too! 1983-85 CS (Cloaven) 1987
To Cover Up Your Right To Live 1983-85 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Def in Italy 1984 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Folk Songs of The Rich and Evil 1985 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Fresh Kill of a Cape Hunting Dog 1985-86 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Exotica on Five Dollars a Day 1986 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Fruit of The Womb 1986 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Polite Deception 1986 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Famous Asthma 1986-87 CS (Cloaven) 1987
The Palm Leaves of Victory 1986-87 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Cloaven Theatre No. 1 1987 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Cloaven Theatre No. 2 1987 CS (Cloaven) 1987
Tibetan Jazz 666 1987 CS (Cloaven) 1987
The Multiple Hallucinations of an Assassin 1987-88 CS (Cloaven) 1989
Cloaven Theatre No. 3 1988 CS (Cloaven) 1989
Audio Letter to Mitch Meyers 1988 CS (Cloaven) 1989
That Old Western Sieve 1988 CS (Cloaven) 1989
Graverobbing in the Future 1988 CS (Cloaven) 1989
Extra-Sensory Defection CS (Cloaven) 1989
The Great North American Tricksters CS (Cloaven) 1990
Pelican 92 CS (Abduction) 1993


Sun City Girls LP (Placebo) 1984
Grotto of Miracles LP (Placebo) 1986
Horse Cock Phepner (Placebo) LP/CS 1987
Torch of the Mystics LP (Majora) 1990, CD reissue (Tupelo) 1993
Dawn of the Devi LP (Majora) 1991
Live from Planet Boomerang 2-LP (Majora) 1992
Bright Surroundings, Dark Beginnings LP (Majora) 1993, CD reissue (Majora) 1998
Valentines from Matahari LP (Majora) 1993, CD reissue (Majora) 1998
Live at C.O.N. Artists LP (Poon Village) 1993
Kaliflower CD/LP (Abduction) 1993
Juggernaut LP (Abduction) 1994
Piasa…Devourer of Men LP (Abduction) 1994
Jacks Creek LP (Abduction) 1994
Dante’s Disneyland Inferno 2-CD (Abduction) 1996, 3-LP reissue (Locust) 2002
330,003 Crossdressers from Beyond the Rig Veda 2-CD (Abduction) 1996, 3-LP reissue (Locust) 2001
Live from the Land of the Rising Sun City Girls CD (Japan Overseas) 1997
Box of Chameleons 3-CD box (Abduction) 1997
Dulce soundtrack LP (Abduction) 1998
Cameo Demons and Their Manifestations CD (Abduction) 2000 – CFR vol. 1
The Dreamy Draw CD (Abduction) 2000 – CFR vol. 2
Superculto CD (Abduction) 2000 – CFR vol. 3
A Bullet Through the Last Temple CD (Abduction) 2000 – CFR vol. 4
Severed Finger With a Wedding Ring CD (Abduction) 2000 – CFR vol. 5
Sumatran Electric Chair CD (Abduction) 2001 – CFR vol. 6
Libyan Dream CD reissue (Abduction) 2001 – CFR vol. 7
The Handsome Stranger CD (Abduction) 2001 – CFR vol. 8
High Asia/Lo Pacific 2-CD reissue (Abduction) 2001 – CFR vols. 9 & 10
Wah CD (Abduction) 2002
Flute and Mask CD (Abduction) 2002
God is My Solar System/Superpower 2-LP reissue (Eclipse) 2003
Bleach Has Feelings, Too!/To Cover Up Your Right To Live 2-LP reissue (Eclipse) 2003
Carnival Folklore Resurrection Radio 2-CD (Abduction) 2004 – CFR vols. 11 & 12
The Fresh Kill of a Cape Hunting Dog / Def In Italy 2-LP reissue (Eclipse) 2004
98.6 IS DEATH CD (Abduction) 2004 – CFR vol. 13
Folk Songs of the Rich and Evil / Exotica on $5 a Day 2-LP reissue (Eclipse) 2005
Uncle Jim’s Superstars of Greenwich Meantime LP (Black Velvet Fuckere Records) 2005
Static from the Outside Set CD (Abduction) 2006 – CFR vol. 14
Uncle Jim’s Superstars of Greenwich Meantime CD reissue (Abduction) 2006
Live Room CD (Three Lobed) 2006
Montreal Pop CD
Djinn Funnel LP (Nashazphone) 2006
Piano Bar LP (Ri Be Xibalba) 2006
For Drummers Only LP (Ri Be Xibalba) 2006
Beginnings Dark LP (Enterruption) 2007
Mister Lonely: Music From A Film By Harmony Korine with J. Spaceman LP/CD (Drag City) 2008
Funeral Mariachi LP/CD (Abduction) 2010


And So The Dead Tongue Sang (Pulp) 1987
You’re Never Alone With a Cigarette (Majora) 1990
Three Fake Female Orgasms 2×7″ (Majora) 1991
Let’s Just Lounge (Majora) 1992
Napoleon and Josephine (Scratch) 1992
Caroliner tribute (Nuf Sed) 1992 [split with Thinking Fellers Union Local 282]
Eye Mohini (Majora) 1992
Borungku Si Derita double 7″ (Majora) 1993 [also issued as a single 7″]
Live…For Chilly (bootleg) 1993
Carl the Barber 2003 [split 7″ with Carl Wellman]
Uncle Jim’s True Confessions of Homeland Security (Empirical) 2003

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