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Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs ~ Saturday, 11/6/15 @ The Turf Club


Increasingly, due to my advanced stage of aging and jadedness, several things need to be in place in order for me to be excited enough to go see a show. It needs to be someone I haven’t seen before or haven’t in a long time. It ideally needs to be on a Saturday night. It needs to be in a venue I like. I need to have plenty of lidocaine patches. Oh yeah, and it’s the day after my birthday — bonus.

This show’ll do nicely. It’s Holly Golightly, Girlfriends!!! Yeah, She Goddess of The Headcoatees and many other collaborations. (You can read about her in this conveniently linked wiki, ain’t I nice?) Holly and her Brokeoffs have been on an East Coast and Midwest tour and are gracing us with their presence.

In September Holly released “Blowtown Now!” – her first solo album in 11 years – on Damaged Goods. Holly and The Brokeoffs have just released a new album “Coulda Shoulda Woulda,” on October 16th on Transdreamer. I would expect that both albums will be available for purchase along with other merch at the show, and that is what I want for my birthday.

Pryor Explains It


Reminiscing with strong coffee on Sunday mornings can lead to all sorts of things; yesterday I was just looking for funny stuff and came across this old clip of the immortal Richard Pryor on the Johnny Carson show. He just simply and plainly explained the truth about people with addictive personalities – we cannot stop at two drinks like you “normal” people – as Richard puts it, you don’t stop until you’re sure all the alcohol is gone. The way you wake up not knowing where you are – although I’ve never woken up driving 90 miles an hour – that’s reserved for big-time stars I think. Or someone telling you what you did the night before – and you don’t even recognize the person telling you. Oh yeah, that happens.

So why stay completely sober? Because it just gets out of control SO EASILY. My last drinky night was at a September 3, 1992 Cramps show at First Avenue in Minneapolis, so the day after that…that is my quitting day I guess. I don’t do the AA thing, that just doesn’t resonate with me

So here’s to you, Richard Pryor, we were so lucky to have you.

And thanks, Lux Interior, for the best last night of tearing it up possible:

The Sonics in Minneapolis this Saturday Night at First Ave.


I am pretty happy about this show – I was invited to go to another show tonight, but had to decline as I wanted to be rested for The Sonics tomorrow. What, like 2 shows in a weekend? Are you kidding me? Whoooaa, Nelly! Whaddya think I’m 22 or something? Yeah, I’m not even playin, I’m goin there, uh huh. It’s my turn.