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Yeah, It Happens!


I had a lovely day! Started my internship with BBBS and I think it’s going to be splendid. It’s nice to go somewhere and feel welcomed and, well, really needed. I spent most of the afternoon meeting people and getting disorient I mean oriented and getting all my user and passwords for my computer and phone squared away. I wrote a press release (which I don’t think they were expecting me to complete on my first day) and got started on a bio for the Big Bro of the Year nominee.

In meeting with their hr director, it became more and more apparent to me that I am always going to do well on PR jobs that I believe in and can get enthused about. I’ve been a Big Sis to four girls and I believe in the program. I know it works and have seen the research showing how much better kids do when they’re mentored. They do better academically and personally and learn to make better choices in life. But more than that, I’ve seen firsthand the benefits of what it does for the “Bigs” as well. Without getting all Pollyanna about it, it’s truly something a person can do to make a little change for good – plain and simple. There are just so many social problems in this country and community that many people just give up. Or maybe they give money to certain charities and causes, and that’s great, of course, but is it enough? Being a part of an underprivileged kid’s life opens one’s eyes to many realities about social norms and inequities. It has been a wake-up call on many levels for me, and I’ve gotten as much out of it as I’ve put into it.

So now it feels like I’ve come full circle – doing a Communications and Public Relations internship there at BBBS. I hope to be able to write with passion and enthusiasm about the organization and boost public knowledge and interest. And keep having lovely days.