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With My Boffo PhotoShop Skills


I have mashed together things non-paisley that relate to things that go on in my head, and created a new background for this bloggedy blog. So long, boiler-plate background Matala theme. It was groovy knowing you.MATALA222

I didn’t change it just because my friend Drew told me to, by the way. I was gonna, anyway….

Oh, but then Machinist Man chimes in and goes, yeah, your theme, the paisley, it had to go. It wasn’t good. Hmmpffff. Don’t tell ME ruttrutt rutt.

But you guys were right, actually. So I changed it just to change it. Maybe I’ll change it every week.

Just Say No To Paisley


So my buddy Drew says I should get rid of the groovy paisley theme (“Matala”) on my WP blog and stylize my own theme – make it more ME. Gosh, it must look like I’m a hippy or something, man. Ok. I told him I’d try.

I’m compiling pics and mashing them up on Photoshop (I started typing “PhotoShip,” that’ll be the next Adobe product) but I am unsatisfied with how it’s turning out. Wow, does time ever fly by when you get into this stuff – I think I started 3 hours ago – and I just noticed that my neck was hurting…. And now my dogs want to be fed – NO, don’t interrupt me, I’m busy!!!

Drew’s a nerd, my hubby’s a nerd, shouldn’t I be a nerd too?

Question: Should I quit wearing patchouli?