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I should be sick of Doge now but I’m not.



He (I am assuming he’s a he…not really certain about that) is still funny and makes me giggle. So sue me. My husband thinks he’s dumb and has had his fifteen minutes of fame. Alright, now someone went and made a needlepoint Christmas sweater of Doge. Wow. So dumb. So commercial. Plaiyed out. Doge’s time has come I suppose. But I am not ashamed to say that I still love Doge – his cute little face. One of my dogs, Egor, has a face sort of like Doge’s, and pointy ears. Maybe that’s why I love Doge so much.

I think the thing is that I sometimes have to take a stand and jump on bandwagons. Sometimes I have to go with the crowd, you know? I’m always taking the opposite stance from the mainstream. When it comes to Doge, I’m just going to follow my heart, and be a little in love with Doge. Until I’m not anymore. Wow.