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Iggy Pup


Now I Wanna Be Your Dog

So it was my turn to name the next pet – hard to believe Machinist Man and I had been through the lives of a cat and our first pair of dogs. We were getting another puppy and I was pretty stuck on naming a dog “Iggy” after my punk rock idol, a certain legendary Mr. Osterberg. I considered at the time that it could be risky giving a dog the name of such an untrainable scoundrel, but my mind was made up.

We went to the Animal Humane Society to go see their selection of puppies. To get to the pups we had to go through the section of older dogs – that’s always so gut-wrenching for me – they’re all like, “Hey lady! Take me! Take me!” We were intent on adopting a pup though, and headed over to the puppy area. Almost immediately, we saw this huge litter of mutts, German Shepherds mixed with (they guessed) St. Bernard. There were eight girls and eight boys, all named after rocks or minerals. On the boy side, one puppy came bounding out and jumped into my hands. His name was Igneous. Decision made.