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Are You In With The Out Crowd?





Yeah, yeah, I know…ME TOO! Here’s a new JAZZED UP & BONKERS (it’s NOT RADIO) to embrace you into the fold of Out-Crowdedness. Get with it, man, they are so out they’re in. They emote, they cry, they resolve world problems – ok, I’m going too far now – but it’s good times, Jack!

These guys also unleash themselves upon unsuspecting Twin Cities audiences out there in the clubs from time-to-time – so be on the lookout for their live gigs – “gigs” isn’t quite the word – “performance art” is too, well, arty. Wull, just go see ’em. There’s sand involved.

I Have Been Hoodwinked


I was listening to the latest episode of KFAI’s webshow Jazzed Up and Bonkers on the archives, being quite entertained, when all of a sudden Travis and Dan, or Dan and Travis, both mentioned that Bob Seeger had died. “Oh no! That’s too bad,” I thought, I mean, I hated what he had become, but he was from Detroit after all and quite beloved, and his early work was pretty great. “Aw, that kind of sucks.” After they announced that, they went right to music.

I went to see if there was news about BOB Seegers’ passing, and, of course, nothing. I still didn’t catch on – duhhhhhh – and then they came back on and joked that, of course, they meant PETE Seeger had passed. Aw, what a nincompoop I am, what an ultra maroon.

Dan & Travis are scoundrels and scalawags. I wish I was a prankster, I’d get them back somehow. If only there was a way…a way…a way….

Jazzed Up & Bonkers

Jazzed Up and Bonkers!


Hey Ya Can’t Play Pizza Pie!

There’s a new show on the interwebbies at KFAI.org which is INSANELY FUN! The title says it all…they are quite Jazzed Up and somewhat Bonkers. Truly entertaining and funny, Dan and Travis work off of each other like a championship ping pong game, and are also extremely knowledgeable about everything they play. I am listening right now to a 78 they are playing from the ’30s in a segment they are calling “Coco Ahoy,” although I suspect that name was improvised. The show definitely is strongly based in ROCK, which makes my heart sing, sing, sing. Do yourself an enormous favor and check them out at kfai.org/jazzedupandbonkers – it’ll do your heart and jaded mind a world of good.