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So we’ve arrived at the spring p’drive once again – umm, does that mean winter’s actually over? Alrighty, then. Bring it on!!! http://kfai.org/events/station-events/kfai-spring-2014-pledge-drive

Anyone who talks to me for more than an hour or so gets to hear about KFAI. I’m sort of obnoxious that way. KFAI’s a part of me, and I know I’m not the only one. Ask most of the 500 volunteers and 5 paid staff how they feel about the station, and I’m certain you’ll hear a similar loving tune.

Lots of stuff happening! We’re one of the 18 nonprofit winners of THE NERDERY Challenge – we get to have a talented nerd team work on developing our website for a consecutive 24 hours. That along with funding KFAI will be receiving from the State of MN will bring our website up to snuff and help us to better meet the needs of our community.

I have been proud to be a member of the Freshen Up Fresh Air (FUFA) Committee – we’ve done some painting in the Kitchen/Galley, Front Lobby, Greenroom and both bathrooms, purchased some new furniture (may it arrive before pledge drive, please….) Additionally, Chris Elpers, a member of KFAI’s Community Advisory Board and owner of Chris Elpers Carpentry, has redone the kitchen cabinets, replaced the kitchen countertop, and installed flooring in the kitchen and bathrooms. I’m probably missing something here. It was a ton of work!!! So happy the project is almost complete as of this writing.

Loads of other happenings that I’m also skipping, but I’d like to get this posted at some point… Please frequent our frequencies 90.3 FM Minneapolis and 106.7 FM St. Paul, and go to our website www.kfai.org.

Lots of energy going into the training for pledge drive and we really hope to kick ass this spring drive.

Nuff sed.

Promo Promo Promo!


The Wave Project – Pledge Drive Edition

Sunday, April 6, 2014 – 10:00am to 11:00am

Patti and Leila team up and come at you with music Detroit Rock City style, enabling you to shake loose your ATM and credit cards from your chain wallets and pledge heartily to the radio station you love – FRESH AIR – KFAI. Patti taps into her Motor City roots and dedicates this show to the late Scott Asheton, drummer for The Stooges, with the noise that made Detroit RAWK. You’ll hear the MC5, the Frost, the Rationals, Frijid Pink, and, of course, Iggy and the Stooges, the greatest band that ever was. Get ready to rama lama fa fa fa.

Not Just Tired, I’m FUFA Tired


Oh, that sweet little old radio station that has me in its grip. I love it so – what I wouldn’t do for KFAI…. I am one of the elite members of “Freshen Up Fresh Air,” or as it has become known by its acronym, “The FUFA Committee.”

The greenroom (or lounge area, I guess you’d call it) and front lobby of the station hasn’t seen a paint job since, well, I believe George H.W. Bush was in office. It just looked sad, tired and pathetic in there; like no one gave a shit.

Well, it’s a community radio station where people DO give a shit, but things don’t always get done the way they’re supposed to. Sometimes things just slip through the cracks, and projects such as renovation have a tendency to get put on the back burner, even when you have over 500 volunteers.

So the FUFAs, some high-powered, highly caffeinated middle-aged ladies who don’t take “no” for an answer got together and started making plans. “Let’s do this!” “How much money can we get for this, Patti? You’re on the board, find out!” I got the FUFA project on the agenda of a board meeting, and we got a nice sum voted into our 2014 budget. I was mad with power…. Not really. This whole project was pushed forward by two Nancys, one Susan and one Pat – they were the driving force behind FUFA.

We met several times with our Executive Director and our Office Coordinator, and our plans started to gel. Paint samples, tile samples for the small kitchenette and two bathrooms, and, oh, WE CAN GET SOME NEW FURNITURE, TOO!!! I don’t know if we can deal with that much, you know, CHANGE! For many, many years, we’ve been sitting on a mangled old futon and matching chair. Many overnight programmers have laid their heads to rest upon that futon, which had a lovely red velour cover on it – you know, when the original upholstery got too dirty – we covered it with red velour in order to sanitize it.

One of the Nancys and I met at a local furniture store whose owner was willing to work out a trade for underwriting with us – we pored over catalogues looking for inspiration – as of this date we haven’t ordered anything, but we have our top selections sorted out and I believe the order will go in tomorrow.

The painting got started this weekend. But, back up, there’s WALL PREP, isn’t there? Dents from people coming in with their amps, dollies, lord only knows what else. Bad previous paint job mistakes. Holes from five-hundred awards in frames we had all over the walls. Nothing wrong with having all the awards everywhere, but we FUFAs are of the opinion that we need to clear our space of old awards and make room for new ones. Is that a Feng shui thing? Maybe. The Nancys know.

So there was a little conflict and philosophical differences in styles of spackling. I have done my fair share, having owned a 1908 house with plaster lathe walls and having painted every room; I lay the spackle on pretty thick, scrap it off, then sand it down. The Nancys spackle very very lightly and then you don’t need to sand it down very much. I don’t think you get the crack filled in that way. Oh well, we will have to agree to disagree on this one I think.

I am home now from the first weekend of paining I mean painting. Everything hurts. I aimed to go for a nice walk with the dogs now, but my legs don’t want to move. My hands – what am I, like 95-years-old? It was up and down the big 10-foot ladder I brought from home to do the “cutting” on the top of the walls – I must have been using muscles I do not ordinarily use. Then lots more cutting on the bottom of the walls on my hands and knees. Squatting. I don’t do a lot of that. Ok, I’m not in good shape, obviously.



And then people coming in and out of the station. We have signs all over the place “Wet Paint,” “Under Construction.” We’re right there, painting – there’s paint everywhere! “Oh, can I get in here to do this or that – can you move?” “NO!” “Could you look for our guests and let them in when they arrive?” “NO!” My inner bitch got let out this afternoon, one might say.

So I am going to put my paint-stained achy body into a hot tub full of Epsom salts and lavender and see if I can coax myself back into a civil and pleasant state of mind.

No, dogs, no walkies, I’m all FUFA’d.

The Art of Healing – IWD at KFAI




Here’s the link for Marie Cooney’s International Women’s Day show which I pushed the buttons for last Saturday. It was a great program – Marie did a super job and I was almost moved to tears by her story and the stories of her guests. They had all been affected in one way or another by severe brain injuries and experienced great triumphs over extreme adversities and awful prognoses; doctors telling them that there’d be no more reading, etc. Very inspirational and I was humbled by their stories.

Separated At Birth – Except Born Different Years


So I’m getting geared up to work at the Black Oak Arkansas show at the Amsterdam Hall tomorrow night in St. Paul, doing some KFAI representation and such. Getting ready how, you ask? Why, talking in my Jim Dandy voice, of course! Talking out loud to myself, as I am wont to do; well, not really myself, cuz the doggies are there and I’m sure are as enthralled by the sound of my voice as I am. But what I was noticing as I was doing my King of the Southern Rock Genre imitation, was that, well, maybe it’s cuz I’m originally from New Jersey, but everything that came out of my mouth sounded like Mark E. Smith from The Fall. And then I realized, No! Hang On A Minute! Is Mark E. Smith the Jim Dandy of England? Hey, it’s something to ponder, no?

Anyway, that’d be a real interesting bill – here they are, together at last!

The Sonics in Minneapolis this Saturday Night at First Ave.


I am pretty happy about this show – I was invited to go to another show tonight, but had to decline as I wanted to be rested for The Sonics tomorrow. What, like 2 shows in a weekend? Are you kidding me? Whoooaa, Nelly! Whaddya think I’m 22 or something? Yeah, I’m not even playin, I’m goin there, uh huh. It’s my turn.

Are You In With The Out Crowd?





Yeah, yeah, I know…ME TOO! Here’s a new JAZZED UP & BONKERS (it’s NOT RADIO) to embrace you into the fold of Out-Crowdedness. Get with it, man, they are so out they’re in. They emote, they cry, they resolve world problems – ok, I’m going too far now – but it’s good times, Jack!

These guys also unleash themselves upon unsuspecting Twin Cities audiences out there in the clubs from time-to-time – so be on the lookout for their live gigs – “gigs” isn’t quite the word – “performance art” is too, well, arty. Wull, just go see ’em. There’s sand involved.

Vinyl’s Just Nummy


Maybe you’ve already heard – vinyl is making a comeback! Don’t take my word for it. Just Goggle “Is vinyl making a comeback?” and you’ll get your answer.

Although I’ve certainly purchased a lot of digital music, I’ve never stopped buying vinyl records – lp’s [(Long Play), or 33⅓ rpm microgroove vinyl record, is a format for phonograph (gramophone) records, an analog sound storage medium, according to Wikipedia,] 7” 45’s (which are sometimes 33⅓ and not labeled as such, which makes for embarrassing airplay), and even 10”ers. I just like putting them on the turntable, giving them a little brush with the disk cleaner, and dropping the needle. I love cuing them up when doing radio – push the “cue” button, try to find the beginning of the song, drop the needle, play it for a second, then back-spin it (I don’t think that’s a real dj term, but that’s what I call it.) I wonder if that’s how a radio dj found the “Paul is Dead” lyrics on Abbey Road – why else would you be playing the record backwards?

So, whenever I sub for a radio show, I lug mostly vinyl – well, one shopping bag full of albums and 45’s, and one shopping bag full of cds – over to the station as though I’m doing 12 hours of programming, even I’m just doing a 2-hour show. I’m not much of a planner.



I love the artwork of album covers and picture discs – I think that’s probably a good deal of the appeal for me. I can remember one of my first albums being “Stand Up,” by Jethro Tull, and when you opened it, it had some pop up art spring out at you. You can’t do that with a cd or download, nuh-uh.

I have a friend who thinks I should start selling my vinyl – get into the business of selling records – and because I’m not working, I’ve considered it. For five seconds at a time. And then I look over at the piano room in our 1908 house which serves as the record library, and I get a massive panic attack. “No, I can’t let you go!” “No, you’re all staying here!” “Mama loves you.”

Comfortably Numb


I saw Venus do this cover of “Comfortably Numb” during an All the Pretty Horses show, and when I heard she was doing a solo set on KFAI’s Live from Studio Five, I emailed her and requested that she perform it again. Every once in awhile, someone comes along and just TAKES OWNERSHIP of a song, cuts themselves in, covers themselves in the blood, folds in and coagulates with the original. This one seems so deeply personal to Venus, and when I saw her perform it, I got very choked up. You almost forget that it’s a Pink Floyd song!