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Oh Evil Earworm


Earworm tunes. This happens to me ALL THE TIME. I have a great record collection which I listen to all the time. I listen to my favorite shows on KFAI and try to surround myself with music I love as much as I can. However, weird tunes enter and infect my ears and brain frequently and the only way that I can expunge them is to inflict them upon others. Sort of an exorcism. One time (years before the internet and youtube and stuff) I had Bryan Adams’ “Everybody Wants You,” stuck in my head for almost a week, so I broke down and bought the 45 and opened up my radio show with that insidious song. I’m sure I irritated my audience, but it needed to be done. Mental floss.

Alright, here was the first one…I think I just saw the words “Black is Back,” and that of course set me off:

And then – and this is a bad one – I was whistling (my whistling skills are really lame) and this little ditty came to mind. (I posted that one on Facebook, and I think my husband and my friend Jeff unfriended me.)






Mike & Peggy, a Ford couple

My Mom used to razz my Dad mercilessly, “Farty Farty Ford!!!” And my Dad would go, “Ford Motor Company puts bread & butter on this table, and don’t you forget it, Peggy.” My Dad worked at Ford (or “Ford’s,” as they say in Detroit) his entire career – they don’t churn out company men like him anymore. 

ford tough

A product of the Ford family

I miss them madly now that they have both left this mortal coil, and, yeah, I was built Ford tough.

Happy Anniversary!



Happy 22 years of marriage (most of them blissful) to my Machinist Man – weren’t we cute? This pic was taken at his brother’s wedding – we’d been hitched for a few years already – but we still looked fresh I guess. I think I look really domineering in this photo – I’m not, really! We have a pretty good balance in our dealio – he cooks, I clean – we bounce off of each other, mood-wise. We’ve been through hell together – some really great tragedies. And also some great joys, as well. Mostly what we’ve been…is there for each other – always.

Another Extreme Romance Alert!


Happy Anniversary to my Beloved Machinist Man.

I know it’s either 2/26 or 2/27 – you know I always get it mixed up. And it’s either 22 or 23 years – you know I always get that mixed up as well. I think we’ve been in the house 23 years and married for 22 – yeah, that’s right. But Naked Raygun was our first real “date,” that’s for certain. I know, I know, I’m a romantic fool!

Excessive Romance Alert


“I am NOT going to be Patti Smith for the rest of my life!” “Well, alright, then, the hell with ya,” Mr. Smith said.

And so it went on like that for 7 or 8 years. Then, suddenly, during dinner on a V-day, question popped, proposition accepted. Lufrano’s restaurant in South Minneapolis, (it’s gone now.) “Let’s make your mom happy,” he said, pulling out a modest, unassuming silver ring. “I’m still not gonna be a Smith!” “All right, ok….” “Ok, then.”

I think we went to see the Cows at the Entry that night.

We decided to just go downtown and do the deed a couple weeks later. We weren’t into doing a big wedding or anything – hey – we had just bought a house the year before! We didn’t tell his family who live in town here about our plans. Chris’ brother, Andy, was tapped to be our “best man” and was tricked into coming to the courthouse under the pretense of having to sign something on their mom’s probate papers. Cathy Camper was my maid of honor – I didn’t trick her; that would have been mean.

We were all waiting for Andy to get off the elevator at the courthouse and when he stepped out, he looked at us all very quizzically, saying, “Why are you guys all dressed up?” Chris handed him a corsage to pin to his lapel, and said, “Oh hey, would you be my best man, man?” Andy freaked! He kept laughing and unfortunately we had him serve as our photographer – the shots all cut our heads off. He just kept laughing and laughing, going, “Oh my God I don’t believe you guys are doing this!!!”

We went out to eat Thai food immediately after the judge hitched us, then we went home. We had to sleep because we had to do our radio show that night. And it was pledge drive. Exciting and touching, aye? I know, I know! Stop crying!