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School Some More


I start another Takoda course tomorrow – Advanced Social Media on Saturday mornings. I know, I know, I just got out of school, but I want to learn more. I’m now the student I should have been when I was 13 through 17. It’s Dorkfest City at my house – I do homework immediately, I study like a banshee (if banshees study, that is – oh, maybe they don’t – but you catch my drift), I put my name on all assignments in the upper left-hand corner with the date and class name. I’m a regular Poindexter.

What I’m excited about is that I’ve had the instructor for this class, Elise, for three other classes in the program I just finished, and I just love her. Very inspirational and encouraging, but very realistic and knowledgeable. I think I’ll get a lot out of this class, because in Social Media 101 there just wasn’t enough time to go over everything. Plus we had a guy in class who didn’t believe in Social Media and used to have 7-9 minute debates with the instructor, sucking time away from the class. Well, he was just nuts anyways….

But here’s the big thing – this class is FREE! And you can’t beat that!

So all I’ll need is my laptop tomorrow, but why do I still feel like I need to get some Ticonderoga No. 2’s sharpened, and a new lunch box?

Snag Films



I will confess. I found Snag Films when I was Googling myself. Come on, admit it, we all Google ourselves. I was trying to find references to my old punk band, Snag (Sensitive New Age Guy), and Snag Films popped up.

Snag Films is an awesome source for all kinds of films. Their specialty is documentaries – they have hundreds of award winning documentaries from all over the globe.

I stumbled upon “Freaks In Love,” a doc about Alice Donut, a group from “back in the day” whom I used to love. I had no idea that they had stayed together all these years! Great documentary and really inspirational from an artistic point of view.

So far, Snag Films is free of charge. Occasionally, it has “buffering” issues – the film will stop for few seconds sometimes, and that’s a little frustrating. Some of the movies have sponsorships, but not obnoxiously so.

I think I’m cured from T.V.


Well, ok, not t.v. completely, like I had to watch Sons of Anarchy in its entirety, um, and that one about the blue speed…. Alright, let’s just say I’m cured from t.v. commercials. I’ve only been watching movies and t.v. shows from my laptop, and have been blessedly spared from all the xmas advertising this year, which can either piss me off or send me into a funk, in equal measures sometimes. Ahhhhh, I hate CHRISTMAS, let’s have a WAR ON IT!!!! YES!!! Or, oh, I miss my family, I miss Mom, booo hooo hoooo hooo hooo.

I admit it, I’m sort of weak. I blame it on the early days. Mom used to stick me in my playpen in front of the tube, the electronic babysitter, and I guess I’d be sitting there playing with my blocks and what-not during the programs (Mom would be watching her soaps while doing her ironing.) As soon as a commercial would come on, I’d put down whatever I was playing with and pull myself up and get all excited about whatever was on t.v….then go back to playing once the commercial was over. (I did this until age 8 – no, not really, that would be strange.)

tvThere used to be a commercial for the dish soap Lux Liquid (I wonder if that’s where Lux Interior got his name, hmmm.) In the Lux commercial, ostensibly you use just a couple of drops of the stuff and you get tons and tons of suds – they fill up the whole t.v. kitchen. Well when I was four, I decided to experiment, so I dumped a whole bottle of the lovely pink stuff in the sink and let ‘er rip. Yes, Mommy, it’s just like on t.v. it keeps sudsing and sudsing, I said to Mom. I remember how pleased she was.

Recently in our Mass Communications class we had one session where all we did was sing jingles from 60’s and 70’s commercials. Now what was weird is that the class varied greatly in ages, from twenty-somethings to us not-twenty-somethings, but we all knew the words to almost all of them. Just frikkin evil….

How else in the world would children in America be taught how to spell b.o.l.o.g.n.a.?