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Just Say No To Paisley


So my buddy Drew says I should get rid of the groovy paisley theme (“Matala”) on my WP blog and stylize my own theme – make it more ME. Gosh, it must look like I’m a hippy or something, man. Ok. I told him I’d try.

I’m compiling pics and mashing them up on Photoshop (I started typing “PhotoShip,” that’ll be the next Adobe product) but I am unsatisfied with how it’s turning out. Wow, does time ever fly by when you get into this stuff – I think I started 3 hours ago – and I just noticed that my neck was hurting…. And now my dogs want to be fed – NO, don’t interrupt me, I’m busy!!!

Drew’s a nerd, my hubby’s a nerd, shouldn’t I be a nerd too?

Question: Should I quit wearing patchouli?