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Oh man, I can barely stand the excitement!!!


We are going crazy here in Minneapolis – just partying like it’s 199… oh please….

There is someone outside shooting off a shotgun – it’s -8 degrees out there – and no, I don’t think it’s fireworks.


Here’s what went down over here in the Pillsbury house tonight. I finished up the rest of the laundry. It is not looking too good for the mismatched socks that you see in this photo. I may do what I usually do – which is hold on to them in a pillow case in the hopes that their matches will magically turn up. I have a friend who thinks I should burn them in a cleansing ritual – that makes sense, actually. My brother-in-law wants me to make a quilt out of them. Don’t hold your breath on that one. I was thinking that I could dye them all black maybe.

The dogs are awake now because of the gunshots, but here they are from a little while ago in a slightly odd dog configuration on the couch. It’s a huge couch and yet they prefer to be butt to butt. It’s pretty cute.

Alright then, fellow readers and bloggers wherever you are – Happy 2014 to you!