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Vinter Vönderland



Props go to Machinist Man for taking pics. He got started with shoveling (well, technically, blowing, with the Arin’s 10-horsepower snowblower) before dawn this a.m. We only got about 8-9 inches, but it’s frozen rain underneath, and of course we still had about 2 feet still on the ground because it’s, you know, vinter in Minnesota.

Purdy though, ain’t it? Our house looks like some kind of Nordic fairy tale monster. And can you spot the doghouse in one of these pictures? Where’s Waldo?

Probably our last big whooo-ha, snow-wise, for this winter (ha! who am I kidding?) “You know, Patti, MARCH can be our snowiest month,” Machinist Man from Minnesota likes to tell me every year.

The Ides of March will be upon us soon enough. I don’t know how that relates to snow storms — I just like saying that.


There’s a backyard underneath here, somewhere.