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Social Immediacy


I’m just going to say it – I can’t get my head wrapped around Twitter. It’s just not for me. I’m sorry. I’m too verbose, perhaps. I can’t really say things in 140 characters or less. Unless I’m just doing a little snarky smart-ass response to somebody’s Facebook or WordPress post. Then I’m fine. Short. Snarky. Snappy. That’s me.

In the social media course I just finished, we needed to do Twitter posts, and I guess I came up with stuff to fill the quotas, but I didn’t think Twitter was very useful.

I “publicize” my WordPress posts on Twitter – that’s about it. I guess I can see why news organizations use Twit for news blasts – otherwise, I think it’s just dumb.  tweedledee

Am I a Luddite? I know, I sound like Andy Rooney.