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just tryin to keep from following you.


I have had some excellent things stuck in my craw lately. This one rates up in my top twenty of the bestest of the bestest. Yes.


Last Night’s Fun


Our local and legendary Bill Batson of the Mighty Mofos singing “Slow Death” with the legendary Charlie Pickett at First Avenue 3/1/14

The Sonics doing “Psycho” First Avenue 3/1/14

The Crowd was well pleased.

The Sonics in Minneapolis this Saturday Night at First Ave.


I am pretty happy about this show – I was invited to go to another show tonight, but had to decline as I wanted to be rested for The Sonics tomorrow. What, like 2 shows in a weekend? Are you kidding me? Whoooaa, Nelly! Whaddya think I’m 22 or something? Yeah, I’m not even playin, I’m goin there, uh huh. It’s my turn.

Peace Through Superior Sonic Rock Action


I think this was a slogan I once saw on a Subpop t-shirt back in the 90’s – or maybe I just dreamed about it – I’m not really sure. But it’s stuck with me and I want to say it to people whenever a discussion about “social justice” comes up, which it does frequently in a certain organization I’m in. “Well, we have to think about the ‘Social Justice’ aspect of our mission statement,” and I always want to say back to them, “Well, I believe we need to incorporate the ‘Sonic Rock Action’ aspect into our mission statement, how about that, huh? Do you ever even think about that? No, I thought not.”
Anyway, here is the most perfect rock song ever written, by Sonic’s Rendezvous.