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I shouldn’t even look…


…at the “comments” section underneath CNN news stories, but like a total idiot I simply can’t help myself. It’s like a bad accident — I have to look. Yesterday here in Minneapolis there was a huge explosion in an old apartment building which happens to be occupied by mostly Somalian immigrants. CNN had to say in their report that there was a mosque nearby, which I believe called out the trolls from under their bridges — “Hey Guys! Come on out! Here’s some bait. Feedin time!!!” I was gonna copy and paste some of the commentary here, but I will spare you, dear reader…you can look for yourselves if you must.  trolldoll

What I don’t understand is why I keep looking at it – I know damn well it’s gonna piss me right off. Why do I go down those rabbit holes? I’ve never been a commenter, because I figure I’ll just get into it with some insane person who gets their jollies from saying really evil shit…because they CAN.

Maybe that will be one of my resolutions – don’t look at nasty commentary. Starting…now!