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Mmmm, I really need coffee. I have already decided that I am not  going to venture out into subzero temps today (gosh, it’s up to -2 this morning in Minneapolis – and going up to 1 above – what???) — I mean I don’t need to go anywhere because I don’t have any interviews set up or anything. So I’ll go make me a pot of Peets. Wait though, the dogs want to go out. Let them out. Oh no, they don’t have water in their dishes. Get them water. Oh no, the plants are all dry. Get them water. Now what else needed water? Oh, dogs. Oh, now the dogs wanna come in. Let dogs in. The recycling almost topples over as I open the back door. Think I’ll organize the recycling and take it out at some point today – maybe I will go outside, just for that. Oh, the dogs want their treats. Make them do their little dog tricks and give them their treats. That was fun, as usual. Oh man, I could sure use some coffee. Oh, look at those dishes in the sink. I’ll just do those. But I can’t – I’m out of soap. Ok. I’ll need to go to the store. Oh look, the refrigerator is dirty on the outside. Wipe it off. Open fridge. Start throwing out stuff. Oh, no, now I’ll need to take out the garbage too. I can’t leave all that stinky stuff in the garbage. And I’ll definitely need to go to the store to get dishwashing liquid because now there’s several dirty tupperware containers from the fridge. What now? Oh yeah, coffee. Make coffee. But I think I’ll check my email first because maybe somebody got back to me about a possible interview. Nope. Ok. Since I’m here I’ll check Facebook too. Oh it’s my friend’s birthday – I’ll write happy birthday on their wall. But I should really call them as well. Just writing on their Facebook wall seems cheesy. Ok, left a voicemail message, that seems about right. But why don’t they take my call? They have a cell phone, why didn’t they answer? Are they annoyed at me for some reason? Ok, stop that right now. Ok, now I was gonna do something else. Oh yes, make coffee.