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Watch it now. Watch it.


I thought that tonight I’d post a song that resonates with deep meaning and mysticism. Close your eyes and contemplate the lyrics…

I decided to Wiki the song and got this:

 As the Pharaohs prepared to write their debut album, lead singer “Sam the Sham” (Domingo Samudio) wanted to write a tribute to the Hully Gully dance. His record label’s legal department feared using that title due to the existence of another song with a similar title. The song was given the green light after Sam rewrote the lyrics and replaced “Hully Gully” with “Wooly Bully”.

What in the hell was the “Hully Gully” dance? I mean, I’m not quite old enough to know all of the 60’s dances, but I know the Mashed Potato, the Bony Marony, the Frug, the Pony, the Jerk, the Cool Jerk, the Watusi and the Swim. I’ve never heard of the Hully Gully.

Praise Allah for Wikipedia –

The Hully Gully was started by Frank Rocco at the Cadillac Hotel in Miami Beach, Florida. In 1959 The Olympics sang the song “Hully Gully”, which involved no physical contact at all. The same tune appeared a little over a year later in a song by the Marathons, entitled “Peanut Butter”, which was later used for the Peter Pan Peanut Butter commercial during the 1980s…. Ike & Tina Turner had a song in their repertoire known as “If You Can Hully Gully (I Can Hully Gully Too.)

Alright! Who knew?

The lyrics of “Wooly Bully” were hard to understand, and some radio stations banned the song. The lyrics describe a conversation between “Hattie” and “Matty” concerning the American Bison and the desirability of developing dancing skills, although no attempt is made to synthesize these divergent topics. The warning, “Let’s not be L-7’s”, means “Let’s not be squares”, from the shape formed by the fingers making an L on one hand and a 7 on the other.

I sort of remember there being some controversy about WABC in New York not playing the song because the lyrics were undiscernible. Why would that bother them, I wonder? Did they think that non-L7’s would be able to hear a message that the L7’s couldn’t? Could the revolution be at hand?