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Was in a rather gnarly funk this morning, gray and dark skies lending a hand to the mood. The dogs don’t even want to get off the couch, and neither do I. And then, I learned that the new JU&B was up on the archives. Many layers have been peeled back and I feel as though I may be able to live through another Minnesota winter’s day. Thanks you guys.



Yes, I did do this. “Snag” = Sensitive New Age Guy, f.y.i.

This was fun while it lasted. This demo was recorded in my basement (the Diabetic Jubilee Studios) and lovingly engineered by the almighty David B. Livingstone of God Bullies fame and fortune. We shared a really stinky practice space with the Cows above a fish market (that’s why it was stinky) at the corner of Bloomington and Lake for about a year or so. We did some shows at the Uptown and 7th Street Entry, and played a few parties, and also a really fun show at the Speedboat Gallery. It was good. Sigh.