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I Gotta Right


I am a total Iggatroid, and the Stooges rule, even over the MC5. There, I said it and I am not afraid. Iggy’s saved my life on more than one occasion…drug my ass out of abject depression and alcohol withdrawal. He’s my hero. 

Dr. Eugene Chadbourne Plays the Electric Rake


I miss Dr. Chadbourne. I’m afraid he thinks Minneapolis is just a terribly unlucky place to come and play though. The gigs he’s had here have been fine, that’s never been the problem. It’s been other things. He’s stayed with us on several occasions, and one of the last times he came through I picked him and Jimmy Carl Black up at the airport and then I couldn’t remember where I parked my car. We spent an hour walking around looking for it. I was mortified. Then, we finally get to my house, and Jimmy Carl realizes that he’s left one of his bags at the airport. It contained money and his passport – his only form of i.d. Oh my god. Such trauma. So he gets on the phone with airport security and someone actually found his bag and turned it in. Minus the cash, but whatever, he was mostly upset about the passport. So we get that squared away. Jimmy Carl was just terribly terribly upset by the whole mess and feeling sick (his cancer had recently been diagnosed) and it was really hard to deal with him and get him to calm down. But their show was great – I think on that trip they just had one gig at the Cedar Cultural Centre. When they first came to Minneapolis I had them booked for two shows in one night – they did the Cedar and then ran over to the Entry. I thought they were gonna kill me. Too much work.

But I love these guys a lot. Jimmy Carl’s passing was a terrible loss and I know how much it’s affected Eugene. They were very, very close to one another.

The last time Eugene came to Mpls he was driving a rental car. He had another gig at the Cedar and then stayed with us and was going to do some errands around town the next day. He was going through an intersection when a woman ran a red light and slammed into him. He wasn’t hurt, thankfully, but he was like, “What am I just jinxed in this town, or what???” He had to stay an extra day to deal with the rental car and insurance matters. And he hasn’t been back since. Boo.

Come back, EC, our garage full of tools is always open to you, I’m sure we can find an old rake for you to create an instrument out of…just come back! We can undo the bad ju ju, I’m sure of it.

Peace Through Superior Sonic Rock Action


I think this was a slogan I once saw on a Subpop t-shirt back in the 90’s – or maybe I just dreamed about it – I’m not really sure. But it’s stuck with me and I want to say it to people whenever a discussion about “social justice” comes up, which it does frequently in a certain organization I’m in. “Well, we have to think about the ‘Social Justice’ aspect of our mission statement,” and I always want to say back to them, “Well, I believe we need to incorporate the ‘Sonic Rock Action’ aspect into our mission statement, how about that, huh? Do you ever even think about that? No, I thought not.”
Anyway, here is the most perfect rock song ever written, by Sonic’s Rendezvous.