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Snag Films



I will confess. I found Snag Films when I was Googling myself. Come on, admit it, we all Google ourselves. I was trying to find references to my old punk band, Snag (Sensitive New Age Guy), and Snag Films popped up.

Snag Films is an awesome source for all kinds of films. Their specialty is documentaries – they have hundreds of award winning documentaries from all over the globe.

I stumbled upon “Freaks In Love,” a doc about Alice Donut, a group from “back in the day” whom I used to love. I had no idea that they had stayed together all these years! Great documentary and really inspirational from an artistic point of view.

So far, Snag Films is free of charge. Occasionally, it has “buffering” issues – the film will stop for few seconds sometimes, and that’s a little frustrating. Some of the movies have sponsorships, but not obnoxiously so.